Choosing a color could be stressful,
but worry no more we are here to help.

COLOR IS VERY IMPORTANT it speaks who you are and gives you an edge. Color could be one of those things that can make a party or fail to impress. No way?! So how can I get different colors to work for me? Well, we have color all around us in nature, clothes, and art so why not get inspired?

COLOR can also determine the mood of your party. For example, if you want your party to be calming or relaxing go for more earthy tones like soft greens, browns, burnt reds, and even soft blues.

But if you want a glamorous vibe go for gold, silver, reds, and black.

One of my favorite and easy things to do is follow seasons.

Every season has a color palette, spring has the pastels, summer the neons, fall the burnt reds, and winter the dark blues.

So why limit yourself with pinks and purples be original and make your party a work of art? Now we have so many options that sticking to traditional colors has been done over and over again.